Most people can tell you in a sentence or two, why they do what they do. They can list out the happy, well defined, positive reasons why and wrap that “why” into a perfectly symmetrical bow atop a life well lived. They can point to a moment in time where something clicked and they knew they needed to make a change, and by golly, everything came up roses.

But you see, on my small piece of the prairie, I sit; an incomplete beautiful mess of guts and grace and full of a hundred thousand reasons why I write. But none will be more true than this: words are powerful. 

I read. I write. I talk. Words.

They have inspired, taught, lead, and united me with other communities of diverse humans around the world to stand in solidarity to rise against injustice. 

I have been moved to tears by funny jokes or movies and wept uncontrollably when a song on the radio reminded me of something or someone. Nothing brings me to my knees faster than hearing my son say “I love you, mama”.

I have been knocked breathless by words of lust and anticipation. I’ve been beaten raw by barbed words of anger, derision, and control.

I’ve been labeled with words, check-marked words that put me neatly into boxes, and repeated silent words to God for safety and forgiveness.

I’ve written words of congratulations, sympathy, encouragement, and surrender.

I have learned from the stories passed down generationally. I have run my fingers over the signature of my grandparents a million times. 

And nothing in this world is as deep as the void of words never spoken or a letter never written.

I’ve listened to incredible stories. I’ve shared the words of my story.

Whether they are written, read, screamed, or simply the things I tell myself, words are incredibly powerful. I write because I’ve always written. I write because the words tell the powerful stories of the beautiful chaos in the world around me.

It might just be that I have always understood the incredible power of words because I have always FELT the incredible power of words. I like sharing stories. I like giving information. I like leading and educating and supporting and creating beautiful, melodic flows of words strung together by Red Bull fueled fury at 3 a.m. I’m a writer. I’m never at a loss for words.